Meydunlg美敦力加品牌怎么样 申请店铺

Meydunlg美敦力加是哪个国家的品牌?「Meydunlg美敦力加」是 苏州普洛欣实业有限公司 旗下著名品牌。该品牌发源于江苏,由创始人宋思敏在2012期间创立,经过多年的不懈努力和高速发展,现已成为行业的标杆品牌。









In order to strengthen the brand awareness, deepen the brand concept and image, the packaging boxes of the products of the Yousheng mumi series under medtronica brand will be replaced and upgraded, the striking part of the brand name will be replaced with medtronica, and a series of contents such as two-dimensional code will be added to keep pace with the times. In 2010, Jiangsu yingruiman mother and infant product technology Co., Ltd. formed a strategic alliance with plosin Health International Co., Ltd. (medtronica) in the UK and huaxiefili brand management group (HK) Co., Ltd. (Eugenie mummy) in France, and jointly established a marketing center in mainland China integrating production, R & D, planning and marketing. Based on the best natural raw materials in the world, the raw materials around the world have been rigorously reviewed and tested. Only the natural pollution-free raw materials that are most suitable for human absorption have been selected. Meanwhile, the company has also cooperated with the world famous raw material suppliers such as BASF, Roche, DuPont, Sumitomo chemical, etc With the long-term close cooperation and the highest GMP production standard as the core, we have established an international aseptic production plant in strict accordance with the highest GMP standard recognized by the world, which has passed strict inspection from product formula, raw materials, finished products to packaging. With a perfect after-sales service system, we have a professional team of nutritionists to solve all kinds of nutritional problems for customers in the terminal and customer service center all year round, and open a health hotline to build a more convenient consulting bridge for consumers.

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